A Digital Event SerieS


7:00 PM

Opening Remarks

7:10 PM

Gillian Hadfield
Ryan DeCaire

7:45 PM


8:00 PM

Jason van Bruggen

8:30 PM

Breakout Sessions: Audience Q&A


February 4, 2021


Shifting Our Course:
The Last of Four Uncharted Digital Events
We are pleased to offer closed captioning for Event 4! Please click here to open up a separate window with closed captioning options.


Gillian Hadfield

Professor of Law & Strategic Management

An expert on the legal and regulatory systems that govern AI and other complex global technologies, Gillian is the Director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society at UofT.

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Ryan DeCaire

Mohawk Language Learner and Teacher

Ryan is working to revitalize Kanien’kéha (Mohawk language) through instructing students at an adult immersion school, and as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

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Jason van Bruggen

Filmmaker & Photographer

Through his craft, Jason captures the vulnerability of our ecosystems and the people who live within them, illuminating the strength and fragility of our planet.

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