Talks from Uncharted Part 1 & 2 are Now Live!

The incredible talks from Uncharted Part 1 & 2 are now live!

Over the course of October and November, nine inspiring speakers took to the TEDxToronto stage to broaden our horizons and challenge us to think differently.

From the complexities of the immigrant experience, to the inner workings of how to make machines more human, to the lessons learned from disease outbreaks, these speakers covered a lot of ground. Read on to discover new ideas and new ways of thinking from some of the brightest changemakers the GTHA has to offer!

Uncharted Part 1: Understanding Where We Are

Uncharted Part 1 Speaker: Ran Goel

Ran Goel - The true cost of cheap food

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Founder of Fresh City Farms, Ran is on a mission to build a better world through food. His vision for a just food system will have all of us looking at our grocery purchases in a new way.

Uncharted Part 1 Speaker: Frances Donald

Frances Donald - You are an everyday economist

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As Global Chief Economist at Manulife, Frances combines her savvy for numbers with a passion for the human side of economics. Her talk pushes us all to realize that we are ‘everyday economists’ and capable of learning anything.

Uncharted Part 1 Speaker: Sara Mojtehedzadeh

Sara Mojtehedzadeh - The truth about essential work

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Throughout her career as Work and Wealth reporter for the Toronto Star, Sara has striven to make visible the invisible. Her talk drives home the need to create better conditions for essential workers.

Uncharted Part 1 Speaker: Jimmy Ba

Jimmy Ba - The need for humanity in AI

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As an artificial intelligence expert, researcher and developer, Jimmy is working to advance our understanding of computation and the human mind. His talk helps us see how we can all contribute to building human-like learning machines.

Uncharted Part 1 Speaker: Hamza Haq

Hamza Haq - Immigrants, the multi-culture, and the search for authenticity

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Star of the hit TV show “Transplant”, Hamza's passion is storytelling that lifts up real voices. His talk inspires us to embrace all the complexities of the immigrant experience, and emerge richer for it.

Uncharted Part 2: Discovering Our Connections

Uncharted Part 2 Speaker: Kofi Hope

Kofi Hope - Can one person change the world?

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As the founder and former Executive Director of the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, Kofi is on a mission to create a fairer city. His talk reminds us that fundamental change is possible, and that the path forward is through intentional, collective action.

Uncharted Part 2 Speaker: Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Hernandez - A guide to lifelong allyship

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A writer and theatre practitioner, Catherine is the award-winning author of Scarborough and Crosshairs. Her talk reminds us that allyship is a lifelong journey, and challenges us to embody justice in our living, breathing actions.

Uncharted Part 2 Speaker: Amanda Munday

Amanda Munday - Why everyone should care about child care

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Amanda is founder and CEO of The Workaround, Toronto’s first co-working facility with childcare. Her personal and moving talk asks important questions about how to best support working parents, and how care in all forms is essential to our shared economic health.

Uncharted Part 2 Speaker: Kamran Khan

Kamran Khan - Getting out of this pandemic and staying out of the next one

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Kamran founded BlueDot to build an early warning system for outbreaks of infectious diseases. He reflects on his road to the early identification of COVID-19, some of the lessons we have learned, and how our actions can create ripples that ultimately impact all of humanity.

Still more to look forward to...

We’ll also be back in the new year with Uncharted Parts 3 & 4, beginning on February 4th. Our second slate of speakers will be revealed in early January, so stay tuned! If you’d like to join us at Uncharted, you can purchase your Season Pass here. And, if you’re a frontline worker, you can get a free ticket to the next Uncharted event here.

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