Self-care, Redefined

We are all re-learning what self-care means for us as individuals, families, friends, and communities.

Defining what self-care means for you

This week, we take on a new challenge: bringing forward the self-care ideas you need for your body and mind, right now. We are all re-learning what self-care means for us as individuals, families, friends, and communities. I, for one, am an avid reader under normal circumstances but haven’t been able to finish any book in the last five weeks. But Tomas Elemans’ talk has inspired me to test out switching to fiction instead. Pairing this with another practical, multi-layered self-care approach will be a good exercise in trying something new at home.

We know it can be draining to continue to actively manage our individual safety and the safety of others in our communities. Hopefully these talks provide a well-deserved pick-me-up and help you explore what self-care looks like for you during distancing.

Rita Zurbrigg
Curator & Speaker Coach

Our shared humanity

Our shared humanity.


The benefits of a good night’s sleep


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It’s well known that sleep is important for our health and well-being. But this is a friendly reminder on how sleep actually helps us.

Overcoming adversity

Overcoming adversity.

Portia Jackson

The missing ingredient in self-care

Portia Jackson-Preston

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Portia’s resistance to taking her health seriously is very relatable – sometimes self-care is easier said, than done. Her solution of integrating self-care into policy, is a fresh perspective.

Lightness and wonder

Lightness and wonder.

Gever Tulley

Life lessons through tinkering

Gever Tulley

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With this “break” from school kids have more time to explore and discover their creativity. Can we learn from them and push our imagination’s to explore, even if we’re not skilled at something?

Personal growth

Personal growth.

Tomas Elemans

The inspiring truth in fiction

Tomas Elemans

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Non-fiction writing often asks us to action something. Alternatively, the beauty of fiction is it allows us to disconnect from ourselves and tap into an empathetic side.

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