Our Mission is to spread ideas, build community, and change lives across the GTHA, and the world.

Ideas are incredibly special things. They begin in the mind of an individual, spreading from person to person and enabling changes, both big and small.Ideas keep us moving forward, charting new territory and becoming the best version of ourselves. TEDxToronto is a platform for a community of curious souls to encounter new ideas that have the potential to change lives and move our city, country and the world forward.Our mission has always focused on giving a spotlight to ideas that need help to spread.  Ideas whose time has come.

We aim to create a legacy of growth and change.  Personal and collective growth in our community — and action that flows from this growth. And we are part of TED’s global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world, and want to learn and grow together.

Meet our team

TEDxToronto is made up of a diverse, multi-disciplinary team of 60+ volunteers who work behind the scenes to bring our community to life each year. It may be hard to imagine that a community and events of this scale are brought to life by volunteers devoting their evenings and weekends to it all. We do it because we believe in the importance of spreading ideas and building community within the GTHA, and around the world.













Kapil Khimdas

Co-Chair and Co-Lead of Curation & Coaching

Seowon Bang

Creative Director

Heather Barkley

Head of Fund Development

Lucia Davenport

Head of Broadcast Production

Marcus Huynh

Head of Community

Dana Iskoldski

Head of Public Relations

Brian Jones

Head of Marketing

Karun Malik

Head of Finance and Operations

Ariana Passudetti

Chief of Staff

Marinela Roque

Co-Lead of Curation & Coaching

Kareen Sarhane

Head of Talent

Amit Shah

Head of Partnerships

Emily van Dop

Head of Logistics

TEDxToronto is only made possible because of the army of volunteer leaders who commit their time, skills and passion to spark important conversations and create an unforgettable experience for our community, speakers, and partners.



Provide a local forum for a global community of thinkers and doers who believe in the power of ideas to change lives, their future, and eventually, the world.


Reflect the diversity of thought, opinion and background of the region we know and love


Foster a positive environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of history, background, upbringing, or personal opinion.


Celebrate those who have the courage to push boundaries in their fields, question the status quo, and share their stories.


Cultivate a platform for open-minded people to come together to discover new perspectives, interests, and friends.


Nurture the passion our volunteers put into community-building, our speakers harness when they take the stage, and the belief that our ideas can change the world.